Studio Policy

~Tongur Music Studio Policy~

Thank you for inquiring about our studio. Tongur Music is established in 2013 by Babur Tongur and Ilkim Tongur as a music studio for violin, piano, music theory and composition instruction. Since then, we regularly worked with more than 200 students, some of which gave successful graduation exams from RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music of Canada). Some are pursuing music as a minor at the university and some are just improving their skills as they are enjoying music making. Our students are thriving even at a difficult time such as this, and we are very proud of them. Welcome to Tongur Music family.

Recitals: Our recitals are currently paused temporarily due to COVID-19 precautions, we hope to be seeing you all together in a recital as soon as we are able to again. We will have at least two recitals during the year Winter recital usually on December and Spring recital usually on May. Depending on the demand we can add one or two more recitals to our annual program. Dressing nicely and neatly is expected for the recitals. There will be rehearsal time before the recitals. Attending rehearsals is expected and it provides good back stage experience to our students. During these rehearsals they will learn how to go on the stage, how to bow, they will have chance to play in the space before the recital. Recital dates will be decided through an open poll voting and we chose the time that works for the most participants. Rental and other expenses for the recital organisation is included in your fee, there will be no other charges. Our recitals are followed by a potluck, so you can bring your (or your kids’) favourite dish and join to the community.

Photos/videos: The Studio may take photos and videos during the lessons and recitals. If you have consent that we can take and use these on the studio website (and other media such as Facebook or booklets), please indicate it in the enrollment form. If you don’t have consent please indicate this as well.

Exams: Due to COVID-19 currently all RCM exams are carried online. Our students took theory and practical exams online since 2020 May and now, we have experience with both theory and practical exams in online format. Please ask for more details if you are interested. If you wish to take RCM exams please let us know in advance. So, we will have time to build your repertoire and enroll you at a proper time. You will need to create an account, maintain a student ID, and pay the exam fee for the enrollment to RCM exams.

 Practicing and Well Behaviour: Regular practicing is expected from all our students. Depending on their age and level daily practicing time can change between 10 minutes and 2:00 hours. If you are a parent please make sure you support and remind them to practice daily. Sometimes we can ask them to fill a practice chart and parent to supervise the chart for developing well practicing habits. Well behaviour is expected and supported by our studio.

Missing and/or re-scheduling a session:  If you are going to miss a lesson and give us 24 hours’ notice we will do our best and most probably can re-schedule your session in the same week. If you can give 48 hours’ notice it is even better. If you let us know less than 24 hours before the lesson, we will again try to re-schedule but we might not promise that we can find the correct spot for you in the same week.

Please realise we are also professional musicians with an active composing/performing carrier. In some cases, if we have a professional concert that we take place or must attend a concert for professional purposes on the day of your lesson, we might need to reschedule. If something like this occurs, we usually let you know the previous week to allow us to find mutually good re-scheduling spot. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.

Your designated teacher might be unable to teach some times. If your designated teacher is unable to teach your lesson for that time, one of our other teachers may be substitute for his or her. However, this is remote possibility.

Holidays: New Year’s Day, Thanks Giving Day, Canada Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Holiday, will be holiday. If your lesson comes on one of these holidays it will be rescheduled on a close date. During summer we prefer to continue to lessons because two months is a long time to give a break to playing one’s instrument. Or long enough time to build un-wanted habits for playing the instrument. By experience it is clear to us that after long breaks students usually spend the first four to six weeks to reach to the level that they left. So, if you are in town please consider continuing lessons during the summer. It is also a valuable time to practice without the distractions that winter activities bring.

 Sickness: Please be considerate and cancel the lesson if you or your child is sick. Because we are in contact with many children and adults throughout the week and prefer not to spread anything.

COVID-19: We encourage our students to switch to online lessons where available and great majority of our students did so. Based on Alberta Government and Alberta Music Teachers’ Association’s current policies we can make one-on-one lessons with mask and providing the 2m distance. Student and parent needs to sanitize their hands upon arrival to the studio and before leaving the studio, and wear their masks at all times. We will be sanitizing all the surfaces of possible contact before and after each student as well. If you show any symptoms of cold, if you are suspected carrying COVID, or waiting for test results please cancel your lesson until you are cleared, and we will do the same. Your missed lessons will be rescheduled at your convenience. These regulations might be subject to change at any time, in that case we will be informing our students.

 Lateness and Earliness: Due to COVID-19 we ask you to be as precise as possible with your timing to protect everyone in our musical community. If you are late please be advised we will do our best to compensate and to give you the most time we can, unless we have another student waiting just after you. If you are early, please come in it is always good to witness others making music. If parents are late to pick up the children, for their safety we will keep them at home until you arrive. They are most welcome to sit around, read, colour, do homework, etc. Of course, it is common courtesy not to distract other students. Still being on time is important and we trust you will do your best. In case of traffic or emergency if you could let us know by phone or text it will be most appreciated.

Cancellations: If you would like to take a break from your lessons, we ask you to give us a one month’s notice. If teacher choses to terminate lessons that will be effective immediately. When you take a break from your lessons you will lose your place in the stable fee policy, please see below for more information.

Payments: We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons per week. We apply monthly flat rates for these as follows;

30-min lessons/week $150/month,

45-minute lessons/week $225/month

1×60-minute (or 2×30-minutes) lessons/week $300month

Payments can be made cash, cheque or interact e-transfer. Please make cheques payable to Tongur Music. You can pay either during the first lesson of the month for the beginning month, or during the last lesson of the month for the ending month. Please make sure you clarify your preference about these options at the beginning of your lessons and/or in the enrollment form.

We have a stable fee policy for your students, which means you won’t be affected from the annual fee raises of our studio after the date you are enrolled for lessons. Unless you take a break, you will always pay the same rate of fee. When you take a break and came back you will enroll from the current rate.

Yearly fee: We print music, and use good amount of stationary while teaching your children. For entire year of printing (including paper and toner) and other office expenses we will be charging a $20 fee per child, per school year. Please add this fee to the September payment.

Receipts: We will provide monthly receipts that you can use for tax purposes. If you want a yearly receipt at the end of the year you need to inform us otherwise, we don’t regularly prepare end of the year receipts.

We are looking forward to sharing the joy of music with you!

~Thank you~

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