COVID-19 Updates

We teach online during COVID-19! We teach majority of our piano, violin and music theory students online via ZOOM classes during the ongoing pandemic. You can join and start your classes in online environment as well. When the Alberta government allows us we also have a small body of in person classes we also have in person classes. It is an on going process changes day to day. We appreciate your patience and continuous love of learning in the process.

We will update you as the situation is keep changing. We will only keep the current relevant announcement below.

Stay safe and healthy! That is our priority.

All the best,

Ilkim and Babur

Current ARMTA Announcement COVID-19:

On May 19, 2021, the Chief medical officer of health COVID-19 update announced that while schools will be resuming in-person classes in most places in the province, 

“As a part of continuing to reduce spread, extra-curricular sports, recreational and performance activities for children and youth will remain closed in high-transmission areas of the province for the next several weeks.”

May 19, 2021 COVID-19 Update

We’ll send out more information as it becomes available! Both current and previous announcements can be found at

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